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To the future led by Milife

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Milife Philosophy "SDGs Sustainable Vegans"

-Milife's Ambition-

Milife is a service aimed at reducing "food waste, food loss, and FOOD WASTE" by connecting "food" and "people" for all eating out, prepared meals, and eating out.

We give consideration to support for exhausting all the ingredients on the verge of disposal (sustainable) and regional revitalization.

Milife's groundbreaking features are revolutionizing innovation and behavioral psychology, aiming to add value and create trends in upcycling (new genres of cuisine).

01: Quickly connect "now and now" of "food and people" unique to community-based type

02: "Ingredients, foods, dishes" that tend to be left over will be resolved within the day

03: Corona measures "social distance, disinfection, ventilation, takeout, etc." can be confirmed at a glance

04: Abundant "sustainable recipes" from professionals to the general public Leading to "food waste and CO2 reduction"

Take positively the ingredients that are about to be discarded and use them as different things. As the saying goes, "there is good fortune in the rest", let's upcycle with "fortune dishes" that resell the unsold ingredients as "fortune"! What is upcycling? By adding new added value such as designs and ideas to waste that would otherwise be thrown away, we can offer customers arranged dishes (sustainable) by upgrading to another new product and reborn. I will.


Food loss, food disposal, disposal costs, CO2, cost reduction = can be returned to profits

SDGs are recommended

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