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To the future led by Milife

To the future led by Milife

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SDGs from local food. Sustainability that "Milife" thinks


-Sending out sustainable model city creation from Tokyo !!-

We will contribute to the creation of a sustainable society from the perspective of "food."


Currently, food loss is 6.43 million tons per year in Japan alone.

Food loss (FOOD WASTE) occurs at all stages of "eating out, eating out, and eating out".

Ingredients that are discarded without being provided at restaurants due to the influence of corona.

A side dish that has been left unsold at the supermarket.

Ingredients that rot while sleeping at home.


Is it possible to reduce food loss by connecting consumers with local restaurants and retailers?

With that in mind, the cutting-edge "food" matching app NOW NOW was born.


It's not just about providing sale information to save food on the verge of disposal.

We also share "future recipes" for deliciously eating ingredients that would normally be thrown away.

Just because we don't know, you can eat deliciously without leaving any ingredients.

What has been thrown away until now will be transformed into a delicious and elegant "upcycle".


By utilizing this information on a daily basis, all food loss of "eating out, prepared meals, and eating out" will be reduced.


Reducing waste is essential for achieving “zero hunger” in the SDGs.

In addition, if the amount of food waste is reduced, the burden of waste disposal will be reduced, which will lead to CO2 reduction and less impact on the global environment.


Many people believe that using NOW NOW will bring us closer to a sustainable society.



The future realized by Milife


-Milife is a community-based information distribution service app-


Using GPS information, we will match restaurants and retail stores that have ingredients that are about to lose food with users in the vicinity, and create a mechanism that will not cause food loss in everyday life. .. In addition, restaurants can freely disseminate information and use it for store branding. Contributes to regional revitalization from the perspective of food.

There is no other food loss reduction app that approaches all "food" of "eating out, eating out, eating out".

By introducing this system, many stores and consumers will approach a society without food loss.


Turns into shop waste ingredients, profit & customer attraction tools

Notify consumers in real time if there are pre-disposal ingredients in retail stores / restaurants. Prevent unsold and make a profit. Consumers can also save shopping time and costs. You can also reduce the labor and cost of disposing of foodstuffs, and create a virtuous cycle in which the profits are invested in new services.

For other foods that have to be discarded due to disasters, etc., by disseminating information through the app, we will create an environment where users can purchase them, reduce food loss as much as possible, and help producers. ..


Transform into healthy and fashionable home-cooked rice with "future recipes", household waste ingredients

Recipes that utilize ingredients that tend to be left over or discarded are named "future recipes," and are equipped with an SNS function that can be freely sent by general users from professional chefs. Generally speaking, food loss is a negative image of rotting ingredients, but in reality, many parts that can be eaten are still thrown away, and depending on the cooking method, it can be reborn as a delicious and elegant dish.

Professional chefs and general users can freely publish the dishes made with this "future recipe" or offer them at actual stores. The added value of new food is created, and it contributes to the branding (trend food) of the store in the upcycle.


Town planning where sustainable food culture takes root is drawing attention from all over the world!

Through NOWNOW, the food culture of the region will be further developed by interacting with restaurants / retailers and consumers. It will be a powerful tool for attracting customers to restaurants and will also revitalize the local economy.

In addition, we expect that consumers' consciousness will change by collecting information with the app on a regular basis, and that the criteria for "environmentally friendly" and "whether there is waste in ingredients" will become commonplace when choosing a restaurant. I will. The region where sustainable food culture has taken root in this way should be attracting attention from all over the world as a model region where advanced initiatives are realized.

We will pass it on to the next generation as "Japanese culture aiming for zero food waste" through sustainable x innovation.

In the future, we plan to return part of NOWNOW's profits to tree planting and volunteer activities.


Introduction of "Milife" function

Milife is an innovative app that incorporates the following features.

This tool was created with the aim of contributing to society and eliminating food waste.

All applications are free to use.

"Restaurant / Retail"

Share information on ingredients on the verge of disposal to neighboring consumers and encourage them to visit the store

Profitability of waste food

Profitability by sending and selling future recipes

Dissemination of information on corona countermeasures and allergy countermeasures

Effective attracting customers to local residents

Reduction of waste related to food waste


Receive real-time sale / special sale information from stores

Saving food costs by utilizing waste ingredients

Discovery of sustainability store information around your current location

Discover and share how to use ingredients to eliminate food loss in the home

Select restaurants and menus that take sustainability into consideration

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