Good for the body, good for the future

SDGs x Sustainable x Innovation

Eco-matching / community-based information distribution service

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Purpose of MELIFE

-Designing food trends and the future-

SDGs x Sustainable x Innovation = Zero Waste Lifestyle Design Milife

It is an application that connects the "now" of "food and customers", which is indispensable for a sustainable life with a community-based information distribution service.

Many restaurants, cafes, taverns, bars, etc. that provide food services are sustainable.

We support the continuous operation of stores.

"Sustainable" is very important for the near future at restaurants that offer various food services.

By taking sustainable leadership of restaurants, "restaurants themselves, producers, consumers" and the entire food system

We can help you with a long-term management environment and employment

Application development is constantly evolving, considering that sustainable life is easy and easy.

We will continue to pursue the theme of "good for the body and good for the environment".

Milife Future Goals

-Creating a forest in anticipation of 100 years-

We will donate a part of the sales to tree planting activities


井原亨 プロディユーサー

Produce / Akira

Sustainable x innovation

Established food waste platform

Dedicated to adding value to food and creating future trends

Sustainable × Innovation

Established food waste platform

Dedicated to adding value to food and creating future trends


Public relations / Liz

Inspired by food loss and disposal

Create a smile and fantasy

Create a new genre and return it

to profits

Inspired by food loss and disposal

Create a smile and fantasy

Create a new genre and return it to profits


System / Gya

Meet various needs with a wide variety of solutions. Dedicated to system development pursuing simplicity and convenience for all users of the app

Meet various needs with a wide variety of solutions. Dedicated to system development pursuing simplicity and convenience for all users of the app

"Milife's solution"

- The importance of application in business -


01 01

[Omni channel]

Let's get started Marketing with the app

◾️ Characteristic analysis of customer needs and behavior

◾️ Improve service to customers

◾️ Give coupon points and guide to the store

◾️ Formulation of food service roadmap

◾️ Creating an in-store system and direction

◾️ Data linkage / system integration

◾️ Build your own strengths



[Attracting customers to stores]

The right way for your store

◾️ Attracting customers from in-app search engines

◾️ Attracting customers through listing ads

◾️ Attracting customers by posting on the portal site

◾️ Attracting customers using SNS

◾️ Attracting customers using in-app notifications

◾️ Attracting customers

◾️ Attracting customers using the customer attracting app


03 03

[Own media]

Creating trends that customers demand

◾️ Respond to food service trends

◾️ Cut advertising costs to optimize advertising costs

◾️ Corresponding to trends such as SNS and curation media

◾️ Overwhelming branding

◾️ Increase customer loyalty

◾️ Can target a wide range of areas


Features of Milife


Speed development of the ◼️ native app


◼️ easy / simple operation


◼️ Management screen with excellent operability

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◼️ Professional team leading to success / 99% continuation rate


◼️ Automatic version upgrade

◼️ iOS / Android free update


Push notification


GPS guidance

Image upload

SNS connection

Recipes posted


Time sale display

Antivirus display

No smoking / smoking indication

Functions list

Other abundant functions




ー 次の世代の未来の為に ー

アップサイクル × SDGs × サステナブル × ビーガン = ハッピー!を、

イノベーションで食材廃棄&CO2ゼロ ライフスタイル設計を行うミライフ。











ー 食品ロス&CO2削減・100年を見越した森作り ー

ミライフの収益の一部は一般社団法人more trees植林への寄付

※一般社団法人more trees(モア・トゥリーズ)は、音楽家・坂本龍一氏が代表を務める森林保全団体​です。

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Milife user


Mike Lane

Restaurant manager

The elements necessary for store management are packed tightly, but it is simple and easy to use, so we use it every day to attract customers and market.

What we are particularly focusing on is "eco"

We are also focusing on sustainable dishes that use up all the environmentally friendly organic ingredients.

Many customers are also interested in sustainable and SDGs.

We are interested in services that were unlikely to exist until now.


Aiko Ueda

Raw pasta specialty store

Fresh pasta is important, so I use it when I tend to have a surplus.

Later, when a new work is made, we will notify the local people.

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Billy Jones

Spanish bar staff

Spanish food often uses seafood.

We use Milife to announce that it will not be discarded due to its freshness .

I have posted a meal using fish ara etc. in the Now Now Future Recipe, so you can make authentic Spanish-style soup at home, so please try to imitate it. Enjoy the taste of Spain, which specializes in fish dishes.

I also post recipes from time to time.


Lucy Sakuragi

Cafe & bakery staff

Our cafe and bread are the main restaurants . We sell assorted bread at a small discount when it is unsold at lunch such as on a rainy day. Bread is easily affected by rain and humidity, so if it is left over, it will be discarded, so I am posting it to my neighbors.

I am very happy that everyone is pleased.

I would like to use it for a long time from this.


Martin Reed

French food owner

In France, it is common sense to use up all ingredients (sustainable), so we publish all ingredients in a recipe that uses up without waste.

When I posted a sustainable recipe like a blog, I received a request from a customer to eat the recipe, and I also sell it. We were able to make good use of the ingredients and return them to profits without discarding them. Japanese people should also enjoy sustainable food at home.


Saeko Imoto

Izakaya / part-time job

At our store, part-time jobs mainly post to Milife.

Until now, I used to bargain (catch) outside in winter, but now I can notify customers directly without doing anything, and the image of the store has improved, so the store manager was impressed. ..

Before, there was a staff member who got fired when a part-time job was calling in tomorrow while smoking a cigarette at the storefront.

Now, in a comfortable store that is neither cold nor hot, just by announcing it with Now Now, there is no waste and sales have been achieved.

I will continue to post mainly part-time jobs.


Milife "Sustainable SDGs / Food Loss"

-Model store | Information for recruiting friends-

At Milife, we are looking for a wide range of friends who have adopted or will incorporate "Food Loss, Sustainable SDGs" with us.
We will deliver to users a number of dishes that are "upcycled" with magic and fantasy to waste ingredients.

Would you like to return the "mottainai" that you throw away to profits with your own ideas?

We are looking forward to your participation if you are interested.

membership over
01 ・ Those who are interested in reducing food loss

02 ・ Those who want to entertain with an upcycle

03 ・ People who want to consider the environment (disposal, CO2, etc.)

Milife is looking for friends to work with

At the same time, we will also add benefits to those who can become model stores.

Sustainable x Innovation x SDGs

= Food loss, CO2 reduction, cost reduction, profit return

Initial fee, introduction fee, monthly membership fee, usage fee, free of charge 0 yen

Please feel free to contact us

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